Tubby Girl


What is Tubby Girl?

Tubby Girl is a picture of a large woman attempting to have intercourse through her belly button. The man repeatedly attempts to put his penis in the belly button, but to no avail. Nevertheless, they continue to try in an infinite loop.

The imagery is artistically significant because it makes the viewer reconsider their views on body image and reproduction. The tattoo on the lady’s left breast indicates rebellion and this is reinforced by her refusal to have conventional sex – it is only though her stomach that she feels she can obtain true pleasure.


Tubby Girl: The Return

The 1st image is the original Tubby Girl picture that received so much attention following its release to the internet. The 2nd picture underneath is the little known second Tubby Girl picture, known as Tubby Girl 2. This piece is generally recognised to be a less refined work than the original and is likely to have been made prior to the original masterpiece. The image features a different actress and actor.

Although thematically similar to the original Tubby Girl, the newer image fails to adequately capture the power of the first image and appears have opted to portray a more ‘explosive’ moment. Shock site aficionados often comment on the similar feel between Tubby Girl and other works such as EEL SOUP and GOATSE GIRL.

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