Prolapse Man


About Prolapse Man

What is a prolapse you ask? A prolapse is the falling down or slipping out of place of an organ or part, such as the rectum. Anal prolapse results in extreme anal stretching that can cause excruciating pain and sometimes results in RECTAL DAMAGE REQUIRING SURGERY. This picture relates to an incident in an amateur weightlifting contest in Bulgaria. The weightlifter is believed to have set a new personal best but also completely destroyed his rectum.

What does this artwork mean?

The piece utilizes the human form to eloquently elucidate the narrative of ‘progress’ in human endeavor and the way that this narrative has been used to reinforce existing power structures. The stretched and broken ass is a clear metaphor for the post industrial state, while the ripped clothing represents the inevitable disjunctive fracture of the individual’s identity.

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