What is Hai2U?

Hai2u features a woman projectile vomiting while performing fellatio on man sitting in a lawn chair. The man in the Hai2u picture is Max Hardcore and the woman is the Mexican adult movie actress Catalina. Catalina later became Max’s girlfriend for some time. For those of you looking for the Hai2u video on which the Hai2U shock site phenomenon is based, go to your local video store and look for the movie ‘Universal Max 3’ (2005).

The term ‘hai2u’ is internet slang that is commonly used on IRC, and is a shorter form of the greeting “hi to you”. Hai2u remains one of the defining sites of the pre ‘web 2.0’ shock site era and is still highly popular with surfers to this day. Typically, the site is sent to people as a greeting. The person receiving the link to Hai2U.com then opens the links and is pleasantly surprised by the hilarious content and thanks the sender for the link.

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