Goatse Girl Video

What is Goatse Girl?

The Goatse Girl video contains footage of an adult actress deliberately expelling white fluid from her anus. She appears to be achieving this feat through applying muscular pressure to her rectum and ends up causing an ANAL PROLAPSE.

The term ‘Goatse’ refers to the internet shock site of that name that depicts a man stretching his rectum (GOATSE). Goatse Girl is considered to contain the female equivalent of the goatse man and can be seen as significant progress for women’s acceptance as the subjects of internet shock sites. The identity of Goatse Girl is unknown, but it is believed to have originated from an adult film produced in the United States during the 1990’s.

Eel Soup Video

What is Eel Soup?

Eel Soup is an internet shock video that shows an artistic experiment performed in Japan during the late 1990s. The Eel Soup video documents an artistic experiment in which small eels were eaten by a Japanese lady. Following the successful insertion of the eels, the artist swallows the eels. The actress in the film is unknown and may be an amateur performing in a once off movie to make additional money to buy handbags. The eel type used in the video is believed to inhabit rivers in southern Japan and are known for their ability to grow to significant lengths.

If you found Eel Soup thought provoking, you will no doubt be interested in the FUNNEL CHAIR and TUB GIRL works of shock art. Please share this site with your friends and discuss the video with them!

Bowl Girl Video

Bowl Girl

Bowl Girl is an internet video containing footage of a Japanese girl vomiting into a bowl and eating her own vomit. The origins of the video are unknown, but analysis of the footage indicates that it originates from Japan in the late 1990s.

What is Bowl Girl about?

Bowl Girl appears to be simply about vomit eating, but it is much more complex. The video provide a poignant commentary on materialism in modern society and the hunger that is experienced by many in the world. This is surely an artistic shock site that asks more questions than it answers. Discuss it with your friends!


Funnel Chair Video


About Funnel Chair

Funnel Chair is an internet shocker that features 1 man, 1 chair and 1 woman involved in an artistic shock extravaganza. The video starts with a man lying down on the floor wearing a mask attached to a chair with a tube and funnel. A woman then enters and uses the chair as a toilet. The man then consumes the materials expelled by the woman.

This artistic work is similar to that achieved by 1 PRIEST 2 NUNSGOATSE GIRL and MUD MONSTER. Critical assessments of the film have varied, with many claiming that piece lacks adequate dialogue and relies to heavily on lighting and intricate sets to send its message. Others have criticized the acting as being uninspired. Whatever your views, share Funnel Chair with your friends!

1 Guy 1 Cock Video


About 1 Guy 1 Cock

1 Guy 1 Cock is known to be amongst the most challenging of internet shocks. As we all know, in the trans-gender reality, art objects are resurrections of the imaginations of the matrix – a matrix that uses the corporation as a zeitgeist to materialize ideas, patterns, and emotions.

1 Guy 1 Cock brings this idea to life.The dialogue in the video is complex and requires deep understanding of the themes in the piece: “Gooooorrrrrkkk. Gooork. Gorrrrrrrrrrkkk.” A cry for help? A warning to the viewer? 1 Guy 1 Cock investigates the nuances of pixels through the use of audio and close-ups which emphasize the artificial nature of digital media. Many have unsuccessfully tried to find similarity with a number of other works such 1 MAN 1 JAR and DO NOT WATCH. Ultimately, these comparisons have been ineffectual and 1 Guy 1 Cock stands alone as a shock art work.

Vomit Girl Video


The Vomit Girl shock art piece depicts two girls vomiting on each other as part of an adult digital internet art work. The actresses in the film are Japanese AV Stars – Mayura Hoshitsuki and Akane Mochida.

The purpose of this work is to explore the relationship between postmodern discourse and gender identity in Japan as it relates to pangender adults. The piece is obviously heavily influenced by Fuller and the work draws upon both traditional and modern dialogues to prod at the theoretical limits of meaning.

As an epitaph to the remnants of 90s Japanese culture, this work is a triumph – it will surely be remembered fondly in the same vein as the much celebrated BME PAIN OLYMPICS.

the Clown Song Video

What is the Clown Song?

Clown Song is an awesome video of a bald man artistically stretching his own ass. The video itself is shocking in nature and is set in a bathroom.

The performance takes place in a tub and on the bathroom floor. This work is similar to GOATSE and BOTTLE GUY. The video version to the right is actually clown song version 2.0, the original version had clown music over the top but was removed for artistic reasons (it detracted from the core message in the video). The name ‘Clown Song’ is the result of this clown music that previously accompanied this video.

the Blob Video

What is the Blob?

The piece features a video depicting a man who has used needles to inject silicon into his penis and scrotum. Clearly, this artwork is attempting to depict two worlds side by side (developing and developed) and their connection to a higher power while also being ‘enlarged’ by humanity’s failings. The tone of the conversation in the video further adds to the sense of urgency experienced by the viewer, encouraging them to question the meaning of ‘natural’.

If you are interested in the themes that are examined in this work, you may also like to view such masterpieces as 2 GUYS 1 STUMP and BME PAIN OLYMPICS. Please share the Blob with your friends. Do not try replicating the activities depicted in the video at home. The actions in the video are performed by a trained professional.