“It’s Only Smellz” Video


“It’s Only Smellz” Video

The origin of the clips were from a porn film staring the charming ROCCO SIFFREDI. After removing his phallus from the woman’s backdoor he has her clean it off. She is initially hesitant and but he romantically reassures her with the catch phrase, “It’s only smellz.”

Do Not Watch Video

What is Do Not Watch?

Do Not Watch is an infamous internet shock video and artwork that all people should avoid watching. The video features some shocking and confronting material, including a man who enlarges his penis. Anyone with knowledge of this genre will immediately notice parallels with shock site mainstays such as 2 GIRLS 1 CUP, 2 GUYS 1 HORSE and especially FUNNEL CHAIR.

This artistic piece departs from the typical Hollywood paradigm as it takes the viewer on an artistic journey to discover what it is exactly that they ‘should not watch’. Don’t watch this video if you are eating, it may not end well.

Warm and Fuzzy Feeling Video

Warm and Fuzzy Feeling Video

Warm and Fuzzy Feeling is a triumph of contemporary internet shock art. The video itself was produced in 2009 and stars two elderly folks in a living room. The music is especially important in this film and should be consumed on its own as well as with the accompanying film. It has been described as ‘shocking’, ‘thought provoking’ and ‘mesmerizing’ by viewers and has attracted some critical acclaim for its willingness to confront issues that other artists are unwilling to examine.

Warm and Fuzzy Feeling has been compared to similar works such as 2 GIRLS 1 CUP. Although the two artworks do appear similar on the surface, they actually present two completely different messages and artistic perspectives (2 Girls 1 Cup is Brazilian art, while Warm and Fuzzy Feeling is JAPANESE).

JapScat Video


What is JapScat?

This video is a Japanese TV show that depicts a ‘straight’ Japanese man being felated by another man. The video is believed to have been produced in 2013 and made its way onto the internet shortly after.

What Does JapScat mean?

Like all artistic works, the Japscat movie has several popular interpretations. The most common interpretation adopted by researchers is that the video is an artistic commentary on the treatment of men in contemporary Japanese culture. This theory is based on several themes in the video, including – the central role of the men in the video, the limited role applied to the woman – she is only present to provide commentary and the camera angles that have been interpreted as glorifying the Japanese man’s role in eating the scat (symbolic of his breadwinner role). A similar interpretation has been applied to other artistic works, such as FUNNEL CHAIR and VOMIT GIRL. Whatever the interpretation of Japscat you choose to adopt, please enjoy the site and discuss it with your friends.

LOL Train

lol train

What is LOL Train?

LOL Train is a well known shocker featuring four men sexually penetrating each other in what appears to be sexual intercourse. The image features the text “All aboard the MAN TRAIN”. The men are in front of an indoor soccer goal and are performing the sexual act while wearing indoor soccer clothes and shoes.

What does LOLTrain mean?

The term ‘LOL Train’ was derived from the train like nature of the image. Each of the four men in this artistic work are line up and connected together in a train like formation. It is believed that the man on the far right is called ‘Thomas’. The term LOL stands for Laugh Out Loud, indicating that the practitioners performing the ‘LOL Train’ may derive amusement from the experience. The image suggests themes of team work and masculinity in the modern age. Others have interpreted the image as being a commentary on the state of world football and the intrusion of the media into the lives of the players and coaches.

the Mac User


The Typical Mac User

Some art works go the extra mile in delivering a powerful and timeless digital shock art message. The Typical Mac User is one such art work. The work depicts a man carrying a spatular and wrestling with a stuffed doll. It is bewildering and yet mindless to the viewer. The work explores the relationship between consumerist fetishism and sexual fetishism. It draws upon influences as diverse as Kafka and Marx in fearlessly examining how what starts out as vision soon becomes corrupted into a carnival of power, leaving only a consumerist hangover. The viewer is left with an epitaph for the broken dreams of a generation.

Lemon Shower Video

The Lemon Shower Story

Lemon Shower contains 3 large older men having a shower together. Each of the men seem very happy and it appears that they are making a great effort to ensure that they maintain their personal hygiene. At one point in the video, one of the 3 men appears to have anal sex with one of the others. The backing music is does not have lyrics and consists of a relaxing whistling tune. Although the identities of the 3 guys are unknown, similarities with other shockers, most noticeably LOL TRAIN and LEMON PARTY.